Midnight Flyer Blues

is a two-hour weekly program that features a wide variety of blues, interviews, biographies and stories about the blues. For 17 years It has been broadcast around the country.

Radio Show Network

Midnight Flyer Blues is currently heard on a small network of radio and internet stations. Host Norman Davis has collected an extensive library of recorded blues, from W.C. Handy to the 21st century. He presents it in beautifully sculptured sets designed for foreground listening.

Listen to the Midnight Flyer Blues currently on these stations:

KEGR-FM, Concord, CA 97.7 Saturday 8 a.m.-12n
kegrfm.com - kegr.org
FatMusicRadio.com Sat Midnight and Mon 10pm Eastern
KCEI-FM Taos, NM 90.1 Thursday 8.p.m.
KPHT-LP FM, Laytonville, CA 99.9 Sunday 10 p.m.
Jazz 90.1 Swing & Blues Friday 1 a.m.

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